About us

is a dynamic oilfield supply company based in the Middle East with outstanding experience in sourcing and supplying inquiries to the oil and gas industries. We specialize in finding the products our customers need for the best possible price - without compromising quality.Once an order has been placed, we take care of shipping and ensure that the materials reach the end-user as quickly as possible.

PETRO TECH Middle East co. provides Engineering and Procurement services for End-Users in Oil and Gas related fields including Drilling, Chemical, and Petrochemical Hydrocarbon as well as required Energy to supply Power for mentioned fields. We serve industries with solutions for all equipment, accessories and spare parts. Our team takes pride in being able to provide an unmatched end-to-end service coupled with the most competitive prices and delivery direct from the manufacturer to the end-user. We keep our overheads extremely low to save our customers money.

PETRO TECH Middle East co. is well positioned to adapt to and capitalize on this dynamic environment, while the industry continues to evolve with the development of new technologies and discoveries. Our company has withstood the test of time, growing ever stronger year by year. We are excited about the future and building upon our legacy with you as our Energy Developing Partner. We value the confidence that each partner places in us, and this trust is paramount in all of our decision-making.

PETRO TECH Middle East co. Is growing locally and internationally as a supplier of bulk and engineering material and equipment for offshore and on shore oilfield, Drilling, Refineries, oil and gas industry & power plant.

We have cooperation with number of first class manufacturer and supplier in Europe and USA, china, to supply any requirement of our client in our field,


Being Expert, Flexible, Reliable and Competitive are objectives that we follow to serve our customers. We look forward to counting you among them.

Experience - Our extensive experience in sourcing and supplying specialized materials, means we know what you"re talking about. Our large supplier list enables us to quickly source the products our customers need and contacts built up over time in the industry mean we can offer competitive quotes - fast.

Flexibility - We can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year. We know that our partners and customers are based around the globe and need to contact us when it"s convenient for them.

Options - We can offer you brand new original equipment manufacturers parts - if that"s what you want - but we can also supply alternatives from qualified sources. Why? We believe that in a competitive market these savings turn into capital you can invest in other areas.

Reliability - No one can afford to waste time, so we make it our priority to deliver the goods where you want them and when you want them.

The PetroTech team - Our dedicated multi-lingual staff are committed to excellent customer

service - wherever you are based. Our customers have a wide range of different requirements and each enquiry receives individual attention. Resourceful and attentive to detail, the Petro Tech team is able to offer the personalized service you are looking for, saving time and making your business easier.

Brands - all our distributors are ISO or API certified so you can be absolutely certain you are buying quality products that conform to the latest guidelines.

Finance - if you are unsure about payment, give us a call. We may be able to help you arrange financing.

Competitiveness - In a turbulent world it is essential to be streamlined. Petro Tech endeavor to keep overheads to a minimum and focus on what actually matters. These savings are passed on to you, the customer.