Rotary & Mechanical Equipment:


Heat Exchangers:

Thermal Processing Technology for heating, cooling and heat recovery applications. We offer a wide range of heat exchangers and associated products including:

  • Fired Heaters for General Refinery Services
  • Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers
  • Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers
  • Plate Heat Exchangers 
  • Special Purpose Fans




We supply gas turbines and associated equipment for use on pipelines and other raw hydrocarbon processes.

  • Industrial Gas Turbines
  • Oil & Gas Turbines
  • Power Generation (co-generation power plants)



  • Diesel Turbines 
  • Steam Turbines 
  • Natural Gas Turbines 
  • Dual Fuel Turbines


 High Pressure Gas Production Equipment:


·         Dehydrators

·         Glycol Pumps

·         Gas Processing Plants 

·         High Pressure Hoses

·         Skid Mounted Pumping Units

·         High Pressure Valves & Fittings

·           Gas Dehydration (using different methods such as Glycol Absorption, Injection Method, Solid Bed Adsorption, and …)

·        Gas Conditioning

·        Gas Sweetening

·        NGL Fractionation Gas Compressors for Gas Production and  Distribution

·         O2/N2 Packages

·         Gas Treating, Drying, Separation Packages

·         Air Drilling Primary and Booster Compressors

·          Steam and Gas Turbines with all related accessories

·         Flare Solutions

·         K.O. Drum System

·         Crude Oil Heating Packages

·         Burners and Combustion Packages

·         Electrical Heaters

·         H2 Packages

·         Gas Scrubbers

·         Pump Packages for Well Treatment and Mud & Soap

·         Salt Water Disposal Pump Packages

·         Oily Water Separation Packages

·         High Pressure Hydraulic Pump Packages

·         Natural Gas Engine Driven Rotary Screw Compressors for Industry

·         Blower and Vacuum Packages

·         Complete Intake Solution

·         Air Compressor Booster Packages

·          Membrane Systems

Electrical ,Instrument,Control & automation


Control Cable for Hazardous Area

Flow meters





Auxiliary relay

Protection relay /over current

Protection relay /different

Protection relay /distance

Pig signaler

Level gauge

Gas monitoring system

Temperature Gauge