The motors are made as per ABB, GE, Siemens designs for drilling with two series. One is the DC motor with separate excitation and series excitation, the other the AC motor with frequency control of motor speed. Its rated power can be from 220KW to different grades of rated power can be supplied according to the needs of users).

Engine Generator Sets

A diesel, Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), natural gas,or gasoline engine, along with a mechanical transmission and generator for producing power for the drilling rig. Newer rigs use electric generators to power electric motors on the other parts of the rig.

Electric House

On diesel electric rigs, powerful diesel engines drive large electric generators. The generators produce electricity that flows through cables to electric switches and control equipment enclosed in a control cabinet or panel. Electricity is fed to electric motors via the panel.


variable frequency drive-VFD

The variable frequency drive (VFD) is an extremely powerful tool in ESP operations. The essential principle of varying the motor rotational speed above and below that dictated by line frequency to improve performance has developed into a myriad of complex functions and features. These can sometimes be a little confusing, and Proposed has sought to simplify the process for our customers by working closely with them to explain the benefits to their particular application, and ensuring specified equipment is the optimum.Proposed’s VFD technology draws on a lineage rich in experience of superior automation. This knowledge has more recently been focused on meeting the unique needs of an ESP drive system, and the result is a best in class flexible system which is tailor made for ESP applications while maintaining the focus on providing near unity power factor. Our advanced pump control strategies reduce the energy cost-per-barrel of fluid produced, providing significant power and OPEX savings.

As well as the usual drive features of soft starter, electrical parameter monitoring, harmonic reduction etc, the Proposed VFD also features a ground breaking data extrapolation system which uses known well, fluid and motor data to monitor critical down hole parameters, ideal for situations where a down hole sensor may not be practical. Rather than focus on the traditional ESP troubleshooting unit of amps the proposed system additionally uses nodal intelligence to monitor system performance at all critical zones, be it fluid level, intake pressure or motor torque. This system ensure that when down hole conditions or pump performance change the operator will know in real time, and warnings, alarms and shutdowns can be used to offer the best protection available to the ESP for the life of the well.

Our standard low and mid range VFD’s are available up to 600 KVA. Larger drives up to 1200 KVA can be provided for higher horsepower application.


We offer a complete range of cables suitable for all ESP applications. Pump cable selection requires careful consideration in order to meet anticipated mechanical, temperature and chemical stresses. The correct selection is critical to the efficiency and reliability of the entire system.

All Proposed cables are available in either flat or round configurations. The flat configuration is available when the standard round cable cannot fit in the well due to limited space between the down-hole string and the well casing.

Proposed can also supply a full range of Motor Lead Extensions (MLE).

All Proposed cable is manufactured to all applicable API and IEEE standards and under ISO9000.