Power Section

We are an independent supplier of a comprehensive range of diesel generating sets with outputs from 5kva to 3000kva, 50hz and 60hz. Powered by internationally accepted engines such as: Perkins, Cummins, MTU Detroit, Iveco, Mitsubishi and Volvo, which are coupled to Mecc Alte (UK)Ltd, Cummins Generator Technologies (UK) ltd (Newage Stamford), and Leroy Somer Ltd, alternators.Based in the Middle East, Petrotech Co as Exclusive Agent of MATISA MM, has now been a powerful supplier of generators since 2010, however we have decades of gained from our main staff working in the Power Industry for well of 20 years.We pride ourself on using as many well-known sourced components as possible. All our Controllers are sourced from Deep Sea Electronics, Perkins engines are manufactured in the UK, Mecc Alte (UK) now manufacture in the UK, we only use Newage alternators that are manufactured in the UK, and a large part of the Cummins range we use are from their UK factories in Daventry and Darlington. All the other major components are sourced in the EU or North America- If for any reason we only have an option to source an engine from outside of these territories then we do inform the client, but this very rarely ever happens.

Petrotech co is specialists in providing custom-built packages to meet client"s exacting requirements, and also our standard range allows us to offer very competative prices.Standard packages are also available on quick delivery. All generating sets are to operate in tropical conditions.Highly trained design use the latest technology to design generating sets and control systems to meet the exact requirements of . Our generating sets provide continues power to Rig, Oil fields as well as prime or standby power to hospitals, factories, offices, construction sites,, banks, systems or wherever reliable power is essential.Petrotech co works to a strict quality policy, and we make sure all our suppliers are certified to ISO9000 or above.


PERKINS ENGINE COMPANY Matisa MM most popular range uses Perkins engines sourced from the United Kingdom and the United States.Perkins offer one of the most comprehensive ranges of diesel engines for the World wide power generation Market. Their latest product range now covers from 7KVA – 2500KVa. The power generation market has seen many developments in recent years in terms of market demand, technology and environmental controls.The list of innovations made by Perkins to further enhance engine performance is considerable, including higher power density, load acceptance, low emissions, easier maintenance and reduced operating costs.Perkins has an established and proven reputation for quality, reliability and performance which is backed up by an extensive parts and operation, covering the needs of the end users around the World.Since Perkins was taken over by CAT in early 2000, you can now purchase all the Perkins spare parts from CAT dealers around the World. CAT and Perkins also now use the same engines as each other on some of their range.PERKINS WEBSITE LINK


Cummins are now one of the World’s largest engine manufacturers of diesel engines covering the 10KVA – 2500KVA range.Their new 2005 generation of engines ranges from 3.3 to 78 litres setting unbeatable power standards and now fully comply with all the present emissions regulations. With some 4,500 and dealer in over 130 countries around the world, Cummins provides the best trained and most support network in the engine business.CUMMINS WEBSITE


Volvo Penta is a leading manufacturer of for marine and industrial . The company’s products are sold in more than 100countries. The engines business segment includes engines for many different uses, such as in irrigation systems, , power systems for trains, heavy duty forklift trucks, terminal handling equipment and farm machines to mention just a few examples.Their present 2005 engine models cover from 85KVA to 630KVA.Volvo is one of the best known brands in the world, linked strongly to quality, safety and care for the environment.


Leading reality in the national scene, fortified by sixty years of experience in the field, Mecc Alte is today at its height in the world production of synchronous . daily to research, development and updating activities, Mecc Alte is a testimony to constant improvement in all areas from technology, organisation and quality with its ISO 9001 certification, awarded in 1996. With 27.000 square meters of factory area, almost 600 employees and a turnover of approximately 130 million euro, Mecc Alte is a well-established company ready to challenge all the markets in every product sector.During 2011/12 Mecc Alte UK Ltd plan to manufacture their complete range of alternators in the United Kingdom, specifically for UK OEM’s.


We also use another of the world’s best known manufacturer. CUMMINS are a UK based company and with their long experience in generator manufacture, with the most advanced design, production and tasting facilities in the world, ensures that the Stamford range brushless ac generators sets an international standard for ruggedness and reliability.The full Stamford range covers ratings from 5KVA to 3375KVA to meet the most demanding needs for industrial, marine, , construction, mining or , in fact all applications for prime and standby power .

We also use other well known brands such as LEROY SOMER, Marelli and etc. on request.