For applications where process gas conditions and gascomposition may vary, oil-free rotary screw compressorsoffer the best of both worlds – the reliability and rotarymotion of centrifugal compressors plus the surge-freeperformance of positive displacement (reciprocating)compressors.

Screw compressors are also the best choicefor applications in which no other compressor can operate

Economically. They can easily handle dirty, polymer-forming process gases and process gases with

Entrained liquids.

Compression is achieved by the intermeshing of a maleand a female rotor. As the rotors turn, the location of theintermeshing of the rotor lobes moves from the suctionport to the disge port correspondingly, the gas inthe rotor pockets - contained by the intermeshing &ndash iscompressed and expelled. Oil-free rotary screw compressorsrely on tightly controlled rotor-to-rotor and rotor-to-casing

Clearances to prevent internal recirculation of the compressedgas from disge to suction. Timing gears synchronizerotation of the male and female rotors preventing metal-to-metal contact and eliminating the need for oil injection.