The hydraulic of a centrifugal pump driven by a standard motor necessitates the presence of a sealing tem on the shaft. Now it happens that 75% of pump breakdowns have mechanical sealing problems as the root cause. Therefore a pumping tem in which no dynamic sealing is particularly attractive to users of dangerous liquids.

The canned motor pump comprises a traditional hydraulic centrifugal impeller close coupled to a special motor. In this motor the stator is lined in the gap between rotor and stator, confining the liquid to the rotor chamber. Thepumped liquid circulates in the rotor chamber, then cooling the motor. The shroud around this chamber therefore forms an enclosed space which confines the liquid without dynamic sealing.

Furthermore, if the stator liner ruptures, the liquid is still enclosed in the motor shell (capable of withstanding an explosion)

Centrifugal pumps are an important component of production installations in industries as varied as :

  • chemicals
  • petrochemicals
  • oil refining
  • refrigeration
  • gas extraction and processing, etc.

People in ge of the design and maintenance of these installations are putting the accent increasingly on pumps that can be relied on as far as the safety aspects go, with low maintenance and good payback .

The combined experience of many users proves that the canned motor pump solution, with its elimination of dynamic sealing tems, is the best compromise for meeting the aforementioned criteria.