Submersible Electric Motors

The submersible electric motor is the prime mover of an electric submersible pumping tem. It is supplied with electrical power from surface via the ESP cable and converts this into meaningful mechanical work. Global statistics show that the motor is among the most likely components to cause premature failure of an ESP tem. As such, Proposed is dedicated to ensuring that only the best material and technology is used in our motors, and our application engineers will ensure that the appropriate selections are made for the particular down hole conditions of each well.

Proposed submersible electric motor is a two-pole, three-phase induction motor that operates at 3,500 rpm at 60 Hertz or 2,900 rpm at 50 Hertz. These rugged motors are offered in a wide range of horsepower ratings, operating voltages, special insulating materials for high temperature applications, and high efficiency motor configurations.

As an integral part of a complete tem package, Proposed currently offers the following range of motors:

  • 375 Series
  • 456 Series
  • 540 Series
  • 562 Series

Our motors are filled with a highly refined mineral oil to provide dielectric strength, lubrication for bearings and thermal conductivity. The motor thrust bearing carries the load of the rotors. Heat generated by the motor is dissipated in the well fluid as it flows by the motor housing.

The precision steel stator laminations focus the magnetic forces on the rotors to reduce the energy loss. The stator windings have been enhanced with increased copper fill and a superior high temperature insulation tem. There is an expanded oil reservoir in the base for extra cooling capability.


Proposed ESP Pumps



The principle components of Proposer&rsquos multistage centrifugal pumps are nickel-alloyed iron stages that consist of rotating impellers and stationary diffusers. Deping on desired rates and performance, this corrosion-resistant stage construction are offered as either floater or compression style. Our compression style pumps can cover a broad range of desired flow rates, as they can absorb greater down thrust by transferring the forces downward through the pump to the motor seal thrust bearing, as opposed to floater construction, where the thrust is absorbed by the pump stages themselves.

The stage geometry for all proposed pumps is either radial- or mixed-flow. Typically, the radial-flow type is more efficient at flow rates lower than 2,500 BPD. Mixed-flow stages are more efficient at higher flow rates, and also offer improved gas handling acteristics. Selecting the correct number of stages will provide the required lift or head for the application, and the size of each stage will determine the volume of fluid through the pump. Proposed specify a recommed operating range (ROR) for all pumps. It is important to operate the pump within this range to ensure optimum efficiency and increased run-life.

Additional features of pumps include:





  • Stages mounted on nickel copper super-alloy shaft for high inherent yield strength&bull Main housing material comprised of a low-carbon steel. Head and base made from medium-carbon steel and also house abrasion-resistant TuC bearings to prevent radial wear and vibration for corrosive applications stainless steel housings can be provided, or carbon steel housings can be &lsquoflame-sprayed&rsquo with a monel coating if preferred
  • For abrasive (sandy) conditions, abrasion-resistant tungsten carbide bearings can be used throughout the pump to maintain radial stability
  • Higher-strength shafts are available for cases where the number of stages and load on the shaft could cause the shaft to deform or even break under normal operating conditions
  • All Proposed pumps built to ISO 9001:2000 standard and are tested to API-RP-11S2

As with all of our ESP components, we will only specify equipment specifically designed to handle the well conditions. For example, if the pump HP requirements are higher than normal we will specify a higher strength shaft material. Please see Proposed pump brochure for details of available configurations.



Switchboard Control Panels

The Proposed Switchboard control panel is designed to protect the pumping tem from malfunctions and premature failures by positive shutdowns based on pre-programmed alarm parameters, and preventing re-start until it is deemed safe. These control panels can be simple units with push button magnetic contacts and overload protection to more complex assemblies with fused disconnects, recording ammeters, under load and overload protection signal lights, timer for automatic restarts and instruments for automatic remote control. We have also designed our Switchboard to interface seamlessly with our performance setting motor controller technology.

All enclosures are NEMA 3R environmentally rated, sui for even the most arduous outdoor conditions. The enclosure has three isolated compartments for added safety.

The Proposed Switchboard can be supplied in four standard sizes:

  • 600V
  • 1500V
  • 2500V
  • 5000V