With the Right People, You Can Build Anything…Especially a Business.

If you are seeking a strategic project development and engineering team that cooperates and possesses strong relationships with top world wide manufacturers, you have come to the right place.

Every product and package supplied by PETRO TECH M.E has to meet extremely high standards. From individual parts to complete systems, We are committed to rapid delivery and to ongoing technical support. PETRO TECH M.E serves the growing demands of industries like Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Steel, and Refineries, as well as major industries.

Moreover, we have strong partnerships with a number of companies and state organizations in Asia & Middle East, as well as appropriate cultural knowledge to deal with companies and authorities in the region.

We are also able to supply you with a practical plan and all information required to penetrate into the markets and even help you, if it is necessary, develop a product to meet specific customers’ requirements.
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