Consumer chemicals manufacturing and FMCG product

Petro Tech M.E provides services to manufacturers of soaps, detergents, household chemicals, perfumes and flavors

Due to the implications for public health, specialty chemicals such as those used for household chemical products, perfumes and flavors and FMCG products are now among the most regulated materials in industry. Modern laws and regulation place a special responsibility on manufacturers of the products which are to be consumed to ensure they are safe and fit for the purpose. We how much data is required for the successful business in this challenging environment.

Petro Tech M.E will provide services ensuring these product compliance with specifications and regulatory limits, anywhere in the world, and minimizing environmental impact.

Working with our customers, we have gained a thorough understanding of your requirements, which, combined with our expertise in new technology help us to management different project and other services in this field.

Paints coatings & resins
Plastic and synthetic fibers
Consumer Chemicals
Lubricant & Grease
Agricaltural Chemical