Lubricants and greases

Design, engineering, supply and modernization of lubes and greases manufacturing plants

Increasingly stringent product-quality requirements are the standard for today’s lube oil market. Formulations are forever increasing in number and complexity. In addition to these production constraints, the Lube Oil Blending Plant (LOBP) has to face up to the highly competitive lubricants market.

Competitive cost is of primary importance as is customer service especially for the industrial lubricants market. Ability to guarantee, at short notice, delivery for the exact quantity required by the customer is the daily challenge of every modern LOBP. In this environment, only an optimized LOBP design can ensure customer satisfaction and supplier profitability.

in both new and revamped plants , we understands the complexity of running a lubes or greases manufacturing plant and in particular how to achieve inventory using Just In Time principles integrated with the production of many finished products and packing combinations.

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