Petro Tech M.E engineering and project management team utilizes his Perfect Supply chain Professionals to open New Business and offer:

  • Tailored Formulation for new Product
  • Upgrading Formulation
  • Buy-Back Agreement/Production
  • Cost Plus Orders
  • Export /Import
With a good background in chemistry and engineering Knowledge, Petro Tech M.E Team will evaluate, assist, and formulate the requirement in the production or R&D of Factories, plants, and End Users.
Petro Tech M.E will evaluate all new sources as a sustainable and reliable replacements.

These Material may Include but not limit to following:

  • Special Alloy
  • Metal Powder
  • Non Metallic Element & compound
  • Petrochemicals Product/ Special Lubricant/refinery Product
  • Engineering Polymer /Thermoplastic /rubber
  • Special Resins/Additives/Corrosion & rheology modification compound
  • API Pharmaceutical/cosmetic and Hygienic Compound
  • Chemicals /Petro Tech

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