Maintenance & Commissioning

We at Petro Tech M.E understand that every project has many interdependencies between each function. By getting involved early in the project, we can manage these links, adjust and adapt to Project and Operations strategies and priorities throughout the life cycle of the project. Petro Tech M.E is committed to providing high quality services to support the activities of our customers.

Processing plant commissioning includes activities such as cleaning, flushing, verifications, leak tests, performance evaluation and functional tests essential for bringing a newly installed plant or facility into routine operation. The commissioning engineers at Petro Tech M.E all related skills of design, construction and operation. Correct commissioning is vital to the satisfactory operation of any plant or facility and it is essential that sufficient time and resources be allocated to different stages of the commissioning.

Oil and gas and chemical industries and their plant maintenance are comprised of many segments with diverse and complex operations, which can make a standardized maintenance plan challenging:

1. Comprehensive asset intelligence

Knowing the history of equipment, and having immediate access to that information, is a vital element of an effective preventive maintenance program.

2. Effective preventive maintenance program

In the past, maintenance work was typically reactive. A reactive maintenance schedule, usually established manually, often lacks consideration for the capacity and availability of resources. A preventive maintenance schedule, however, assesses the availability of skills and parts and includes analytics for optimization according to past, present, and future trends.

3. Efficient labor scheduling

One of the key challenges facing maintenance management is reduced staffing to maintain aging facilities. It is critical then that labour is scheduled in a manner that maximizes efficiency and drives labor productivity.

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